Monday, August 15, 2016

Montezuma Area Trail Opening - June 2016

In Late June Members from patrol 14 participated n the Montezuma Mass Trail Opening Effort.  This was an effort organized by MHJC Club Member Ryan Boudreau.

The intention of this effort was to open as many trails in one weekend as possible (in the Dillion Ranger District) that were still blocked by snow with the hope of curtailing people’s desire to go off trail to avoid being stuck in a Snow Drift.  In years past club member had observed numerous folks going off trail possibly damaging Tundra which can leads to trail closures in the Future.

This was a huge effort, well attended by MHJC members and others from the off road community.  Some of the trails that were opened are Trails that are part of Patrol 14’s Adopt-A-Road Agreement with the Forest Service.  The trails included Red Cone, West side Webster Pass, Deer Creek, St Johns, Middle Fork Swan.

Some of the workers came up Red Cone from 285 while others came from the Montezuma Side and met at the Webster and Red Cone Saddle.  There were numerous signs that needed to be erected at that location.

Since digging hole in the Rocks above tree line can be tiring almost everyone had a chance to be on the end of a shovel at some point.  Members from Patrol 14 who participated were, Bill & Cheryl, Thom, Sam & Elaine, Daryl, Gary & Trudy. 

This kind of effort is becoming more necessary each year, but it also gives everyone a chance to get out earlier than most and help give back.  Good fun, Good wheeling and lots of friendships. A day on the trail with Friends is always a good day.

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