Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blanca Peak 7/14-7/15

A small group of us ran Blanca this weekend. We started up the trail Saturday afternoon and didn't run into any other vehicles. Jaws 1 was a cake walk for everyone and we made it up to Jaws 2 in no time. Ryan attempted the right side first, and after several tries and raising a tire once, he decided to opt for the left side. Brett also tried the right side, and without lockers he had a few issues, but after a few attempts, (shhh... and some rock stacking) he conquered the mighty Jaws 2. Chad and Ben also took the right side without problems.

We set up camp at Lake Como before heading up Jaws 4. When we got to the top, it started raining on us so we didn't stick around too long. Chad had a close call on the way down, but managed to keep the Cherokee on its wheels.

After a great night of sitting by the fire, drinking to much, and being too loud, we got up Sunday morning and headed down the trail. Didn't see any other vehicles once again, and tried to take the hardest lines we could find on everything. We all took the rocky side of Jaws 2, and not a single issue on the way down. What a great trip!