Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Patrol 14 Cleans Up Adopted Bill Moore Lake Trail

Patrol 14 did our late summer clean-up run of our adopted trail, Bill Moore Lake. This was a last minute run due to scheduling challenges, so joining us on the run were Daryl and RoxeAn, Bill and Cheryl and Harold. Overall, the trail is in really great shape. We picked up a large yard bag worth of trash, a skid plate and inner fender. We pounded down a “tire puncture waiting to happen” stake near the mine, and we fixed a couple carsonite signs along the trail.

The big project was attempting to fix another illegal bypass. Once again, there was an illegal bypass after the late spring/early summer snow melt. Here is a picture of the bypass and another useless track down the tundra from this bypass (after we pulled the tree up):

In order to block the bypass, we looked for an old dead tree to use to block the illegal bypass. Ensuring everyone was safely out of the way with spotters and our Jeeps blocking the way, Bill and Daryl gave this tree a few pushes.

 We pulled it up to the bypass and placed it at the entry way of the bypass.

We found some other dead trees lying around and pushed some big rocks up against the tree to help keep it in place and not easily pushed out of the way.