Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Moab - October 2017

This year Patrol 14 headed to Moab in the fall. Gary and Bill did a great job of organizing the event. Several of us camped while others stayed in local hotels. The Patrol met a couple of evenings for a grill-out at the RV park where several of us camped. All told, the following members of Patrol 14 were able to attend this years Moab adventure: Gary and Trudy, Bill and Cheryl, Harold and Sandy, Dave and Kim, Daryl and RoxeAn, and Sam and Elaine. It was a first time to Moab for Dave, Kim, Daryl and RoxeAn.

Sam & Elaine running tail gunner (Sams favorite position on the trail) behind David Spence in the Orange Crush JK.

Bill and Sam watch as Gary Boudreau shows them how to descend a steep ledge.  Making it look easy is something Gary likes to do (kind of make the rest of us look un-skilled)

Bill David is quick to follow Gary down the steep slope, that wasn’t as bad as Gary made it out to be, but then again it was more than just an overpass.

That Orange Crush JKU had an advantage with the length, and here comes Sam in his 2003 TJ.

Our trip leader Gary Boudreau giving the photographer a “what are you looking at” while Trudy prepares for the next obstacle.

Right behind Trudy is Harold Plude in his 2012 Cosmos Blue 2dr JK.  Harold makes any obstacle look easy, between a skilled driver and a Rubicon equipped rig it’s not to hard to make it look easy.

Daryl Malas showing that even 4 Door JK can follow us Old Guys.  The real advantage for Daryl is his RED Rubicon and patient wife.

Gary giving Trudy some spotting help, she gave the little GREEN YJ a kick in the pants and ran that puppy up that obstacle without hesitation.  There was a crowd watching as she made her attack.  Honestly, I think they expected to get a chuckle out of her failing, well if you know Trudy you know that ain’t going to fly.

Harold was up and with that pretty BLUE JK he just drifted thru that obstacle.

Bill (our Patrol leader) definitely wasn’t going to let Trudy or Harold show him up so here he is putting his tires up on a rock to make for a nice pose. You gotta love a RED jeep.

And here is “WheelStand Sam” doing a little show boating.  Sam must have done at least 3 wheel stands trying to come out of that wash.  Alas it was time for a little tug.

Daryl in his RED JKU was really pinned in this tight spot, this was a pretty tight turn and BARELY got the JKU thru without a scratch.  I am not too sure that RoxeAn believed us when we told Daryl he could make it thru this tight turn.

Not to be out done along comes David, it was tight and Kim was more than a little nervous watching it all.  No way was she riding in the Jeep.

After the JKU’s were thru there wasn’t much challenge for the little RED YJ.

After some harrowing times we took a break for lunch, this was a really nice shady spot for a lunch break.  Several were out exploring so this isn’t the entire group.

On the way back out of Kane Creek, we stopped to look at some petroglyphs.

The next day we headed out to look at some arches.

Here is our group from our Moab Winter excursion.