Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eagle Rock & Saran Wrap 5.6.12

Patrol 14 got together for another Sunday run, this time heading down to Colorado Springs. The group was much smaller than the last trip with only Harold, Ryan and Brett attending.After meeting near the Broadmoor Hotel, we headed west on Old Stage Road for about 15 miles till we reached the trailhead of Saran Wrap. What a great trail! Articulation was certainly the key to success this day. There are tons of boulders, holes, and uphill climbs. I would say the trail is really as hard as you want to make it, as there are tons of lines and boulders you can opt to hit or not.

Saran Wrap is a very short trail that runs into Eagle Rock. Eagler rock is pretty much the same type of trail. It just keeps climbing up hill with boulder after boulder. It gets narrow, it gets wide, it pretty much has everything you could ask for except a water crossing.

Harold put his first scratch on his bright blue baby, as he rubbed the top of his door frame against a tree. But this is nothing that can't be buffed out.

As always, check out all the pics HERE!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fall River 4.22.12

It was the warmest Sunday of the year so far, and Patrol 14 slapped on our shorts and boots to go snow busting. A very large crowd consisting of 8 Jeeps and 2 Razrs showed up for this trail run. Every year Patrol 14 pushes to be the first vehicles of the season to make it to Fall River Reservoir. Typically this is a little too early to make this attempt, but with the low snow pack and the 80 degree weather, it was a perfect day to get out a bust some snow. When we first started down the trail, it was very dry with no signs of snow. After a little ways, we finally hit a few slushy patches that were no big deal. Then came the deep stuff!

 Up to this point, the trail was a piece of cake with only the stock TJ Rubicon getting stuck for a brief moment. We came to a fairly deep drift that was on a pretty steep incline. With the snow melting fast from the warm temperature and the steep incline, Ryan had to pull out the winch to break trail at this particular drift. After about 25 yards, the trail turned to dirt again, but only for a brief moment.

The next drift we came upon was about 40-50 yards long, and 3-4 feet deep. We found that the magical PSI number was 8! Ryan aired down the tires to 8psi and drove right up on top of the drift until sliding off course just a little bit. Two quick holes were dug behind the passenger tires and Ryan was once again level a quickly on his way up the final 100 yard stretch and was the first Jeep to reach the lake, as the Razrs were technically first.

Frank decided he would stay at 15psi and soon found out why Ryan had gone so low.

Brett quickly followed Frank as they both had sheer determination to eat lunch at the lake.

Once at the lake, the views were spectacular. The lake was still frozen, but the temperature on top couldn't have been better.

(Hannah with her dog)

 It was another great trip! We had great weather, a ton of fun, and met a few new friends.

You can check out all the photos HERE!