Monday, August 15, 2016

Peru Creek/Chihuahua Gulch - 8/6/2016

Bill, Cheryl, Catherine and Daryl (and his family) met at the Montezuma Lot at Keystone on Saturday, August 6th. We aired down and headed for Chihuahua Gulch. Chihuahua Gulch is a spur located about 4 miles up Peru Creek. Peru Creek is basically a dirt road with a lot of tourist traffic. Thankfully Daryl reset the odometer at the start of Peru Creek, because the sign for Chihuahua Gulch has been knocked down. The trail head is immediate and starts to incline quickly. The trail is really fantastic and provides a nice variety of scenery, including some water, rocks and mud.

It's not too difficult, but Daryl did manage to paint a black stripe on a rock with his fuel tank skid (actually one of those rocks in the picture above). Apparently looking in the rear view mirror instead of at the rocks in front of him caused him to decide to straddle a nice sized rock. Bill provided some excellent advice, "Yeah, you shouldn't do that." :-)

Bill couldn't resist the opportunity to pose on this rock (below).

The trail is an "out and back," and after returning to Peru Creek, Bill found a great place for some lunch.

After lunch, we decided to drive the rest of Peru Creek up to the mine at the end. Peru Creek is really scenic, and we enjoyed looking at a few mines along the way.

Then, we drove back to the Peru Creek trailhead parking area, aired up and headed out. It was a great day that turned out better than all of us thought it would. We all thought it would rain on us the whole trip, but besides a small amount of drizzle, it was fantastic.

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